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Sheilah Belle

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Just having a moment, as I think about my life and realize I’ve had my share of life’s ups and downs, but God’s been good to me! I have been through good and bad, but God always made sure I got to the other side. I’ve been through things in addition to being diagnosed with Breast Cancer that I KNOW have taken others out. I’ve learned regardless of how you live your life, you can’t please everyone! People will see you from a far and through social media and think they know you and will have opinions about you, but they have no idea of the life struggles you are going through. People often want what they want from you, but have no idea what it takes for you, just to be you and to be true to yourself.
God has entrusted us all with abilities, talents and gifts and how we take care of that is up to each of us! How much and how far we allow others into our mental and personal space is up to you. However in life I have learned much by simply listening! I listen to what people say, and have grown to understand that words and how we use our words are powerful! I have learned that the word friend, is not a word to use lightly! I have learned that family is just that and if you get anything extra be grateful.

There are truly no guarantees in life except the salvation of Jesus Christ! Without Christ, I truly have no idea where I would be today! I truly could have lost my mind when I think about some of the things the enemy has tried to put in my path, BUT, God! Sure it would be easy to list the bad, but I choose to celebrate my growth in Christ, forgiveness and the elevation God continues to put in front of me. It is because of Jesus Christ, I am who I am and still here today! We all have a responsibility to live the life God is trusting us with. I pray that we all move forward in doing just that and let God know he can trust us with what is next.
We have to remember though, in order to feel love, you have to give love! Here’s to loving you all!
Minister Sheilah Belle

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