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If 2019 taught us anything about Zendaya, it’s that the 23-year-old actress is a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she give us one of the best TV performances of the year on HBO’s Euphoria, but she has also taken the fashion world by storm with her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. That, and she was named one of the new faces of Lancome.

And then let’s talk about her magazine covers. We knew her November Elle cover was fire, but then came the December 2019/January 2020 Allure.

Baby, Miss Z did not come to play with us.

Channeling the 70s era, Zendaya


On her versatile hairdos on set, celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims shared that because he’s worked with the star before, she had complete trust in him to try something new.

We’ve all done a lot of shoots together. At this point, I feel like she trusts us. The Allure team had put together a mood board — a skeleton of what they wanted us to accomplish — but they allowed us to apply our own interpretation,” Sims told Allure.

Adding, “Zendaya, Law [Roach, the fashion stylist], Sheika, and I looked at different shapes. Zendaya has a great eye. She’d say, ‘OK, let’s do it this way, let’s add this.’



Sheika Daley explained the look, feel and inspiration of Zendaya’s beat face.

“They wanted us to home in on the ’70s, so we pulled up some references from that era, and we all liked these color-washed eyes. I custom-made this color that fit her skin tone and the clothes. I’m all about customization — I never use anything right from the pan — so we blended a few shadows together for the eye,” she said.

Adding, “Then the blush — it was major. We wanted it to be more of Madonna, pop era, Cyndi Lauper, where they wore their blush in the contour of their cheeks rather than the apple. I mixed a few: a fuchsia base, adding pink and peach as a gradient up toward the eyes.


In the interview, Zendya opened about police brutality in America, wanting to record music and more.

On the 2016 death of Philando Castile: “I just started crying. My dad had gone out to get some food, and I was immediately like, ‘Where is he? Is he okay?’ I’m worried about my dad. My dad is a 60-something-year-old man, and I’m worried about my dad and then I started thinking about my brothers, and I’m just like, ‘What can I do? How do I stop this? I’m terrified.’”

On still wanting to make music: “I still love making music, and I still get to do it through acting a lot of times, and being able to work on the finale song for Euphoria was fun.” She pauses. “There’s a layer of personal life that I think actors get that music artists don’t. They have no character to hide behind, so they have to be very open. [As actors] we get a little bit of a separation,” she says. She admits that social media has made this line a little blurry — she does feel pressure to post — but all in all, she can retain a sense of identity beyond her roles.

On why her Tommy x Zendaya spring fashion show featured so many Black models: “It was a celebration of the women who opened the door for me. Without what these women did in this fashion landscape, without Beverly Johnson, the first black woman to have a [American] Vogue cover, my Vogue cover doesn’t exist. It’s saying thank you, and it’s also putting it in our minds that that’s what we have to continue to do. That’s the only way that doors are going to continue to be open — if we keep inviting people that look like us, and other people who don’t look like us, to come through the door.”

Read Zendaya’s cover story in its entirety here


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