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Get ready for a new project coming out this summer, THE RIDE.  Starring multi-Grammy Award winner Chris “Ludacris” Bridges (Crash, The Fast and the Furious film series), Sasha Alexander (NCIS), and newcomer Shane Graham, THE RIDE tells the harrowing true story of former BMX star John Buultjens and how he overcame adversity. In a role we have never seen him in before, Ludacris gives a standout performance, channeling his personal experiences as a strong father and showing unconditional love for someone who was taught to hate him. Fatherhood is the essence of the African American family, and in this film Ludacris shows what it means to lead by example.

Since birth, John (Graham) was never shown love or grace from his family or peers. His biological father only instilled in him the ability to dislike anyone who did not share his skin color. It wasn’t until Eldridge (Ludacris), someone from the opposite spectrum of complexion, chose to welcome John into his home, adopt him, and provide warmth and kindness that John began to desire change – for his life and the way he treated others. Eldridge is the one who reached out to John as a young boy, knowing John was taught to hate him. Eldridge is the one who persisted when John resisted his fatherly love. Eldridge is even the one who taught John how to ride a bike! It is because of him that we are given this inspiring story of how demonstrating the fruits of the spirit can spring transformation.

With emphasis on fatherhood, redemption, and mercy – we know this is a film that will resonate well with you and your audience!

While the film does not release until July 24, we just wanted to make sure you kept it on your radar for any upcoming opportunities we will be presenting. The brand new trailer will launch closer to May in preparation for Foster Care Awareness Month, and we would love your support in sharing once it goes live.

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