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Sheilah Belle

Source: The Belle Report / Sheilah Belle

ENCOURAGEMENT! 2021! What a year! So much that we never saw coming, yet we continue to hold on. Sometimes it may feel like someone is taking each finger and peeling them away from our hope…but God.
For many this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be different. As we look around and see missing faces, I encourage you to hold on to your memories, protect your head space, keep your environment positive, and reconnect with God with an open heart.  In time, God will answer all of your questions if you position yourself to hear His voice.

When people ask how are you, sincerely think about how you want to answer this question. Only people who sincerely see you will hear you and will respond to you. Others will hear you, but not see you and will accept anything you say, and will quickly brush pass what you say because it will require sincere thoughtfulness to respond. However don’t get upset. Life is happening for us all, and many can only see themselves and only handle but so much. Remember we are still in a pandemic!
So truly lean not upon your own understanding but trust God to get you through. Continue to hold on a little while longer because eventually, you will push through the pain, hurt, disappointment and sadness. You will get there, just remember to trust God and let God trust you as you keep, “pushing through.”
Remember no one can decide who you will be in your life, but you! So what choo gon do?!    @thebelleport