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Source: Amanda Ricks / Amanda Ricks

A 20-year veteran in the Gospel Music Industry, Pugh is also the author of the favorite “Abiding In The Place of Worship.”

Pugh Just celebrated his 4th #1 single “Thank You So Much” that sat at the top of Billboard two week straight. 2nd #1 single from the 2020 CD Release “The Outpour Experience” that was recorded LIVE in Richmond, VA in 2019.

“God Did It” was released March of 2022 and soon to impact radio in a few months. Pugh considers the song a Post-Pandemic anthem for him as he recovered from a serious case of Covid back in 2020 which nearly ended his life.

Back Story:

According to Earnest, “In 2020, Covid-19 attacked my physical body with a vengeance! When God vindicated me, I felt compelled to give “sound” to my response to God’s faithfulness…that sound was summed up in three words GOD DID IT!!! May this song be a testament that the Sovereign God can sustain you to live with things that others die from.”

* Oxygen level of 70

* Ventilator for 10 days

* Patients on his floor whom he considered his prayer partners passed away suddenly, BUT GOD DID IT!