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Laila Ali is expecting her second child with husband Curtis Conway, and recently revealed to Us Magazine, that the couple is having a girl. On the magazine’s “Moms & Babies” blog, Ali self-penned the announcement saying,

“I am so excited and pleased to announce that I am having a girl! Her name will be Sydney J. Conway.

I’ve even started buying little outfits for her when I spy them in the sale section. However, exerting self-control at the sale rack is like trying to exert self-control around all of the cookies, cakes, gift baskets and sweets that seem to be everywhere right now!

But I fight the urge as much as I can. To help maintain my self-control, I allow myself a “cheat day” on Saturdays when I can eat whatever I want. I’m not talking about a nibble of this or that, but literally whatever I want. I love Saturdays!”

Laila Ali Is Pregnant, Again!

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