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Start With The Heart To Win More | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Start With The Heart To Win More”

We’ve been talking about how to grow your future and your finances and your family and your faith by growing yourself and how you can use some of the principles I shared in my business. Ted, talking title, how to turn your setbacks and the comebacks with and add it to the excellence, how you can use those to help you grow your success. Well, one of those principles I shared was, you’ve got to develop the leader within you because there is one in you and you have to be careful about your inputs because your inputs determine your outputs  

And that is important because you have to protect your heart, your heart. See your eye, gate your ear gate and your heart gate is important. Why is that? Because Scripture teaches us not of the heart flows, the issues of life. And as a man believes in his heart, so as he is so fill yourself up with the pure, the powerful and the positive. Develop the winner within you. 

Make a decision that your best is yet to come. 

Listen to my whole Ted talk and and get ready to go. 

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