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Easter is about liberation, and it’s especially meaningful for a person like me who feels chained to moodiness and negativity so much of the time.  Today is Easter Monday. It is the day in which many people set forth on their new paths. They are still “feeling” the  joy. The celebration of the resurrection is a chance for us to say, “Yes, Jesus, I believe,” and in so doing, grab the hope that is already there.

Here, then, are nine ways we might live the resurrection:

1. Go Ahead And Touch Him-When you love others. You are touching him.

2. Know That God Is Good. We sometimes believe the worst. Rid yourself of that thought.

3.Turn It Over To Him– We do not control everything. If we trust him then we let go.

4. Cast Out Fear- Fear holds us back from change.

5.Go Public– Hiding who you are is not loving in truth and honesty. Make no apologies for being you.

6. Stay Humble – There is someone greater than you are

7. Walk The Road To Emmaus– It is the road that leads you to the world. Get on it and live.

8. Pray Always And Everywhere– Prayer is the key to who we are. You must have that dialog to be better.

How do YOU celebrate Easter?  Let us know in the Comments….

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