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The Gulf oil spill has officially been categorized as the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history. When catastrophes like this happen right in our own backyard it is very easy to become frustrated, discouraged and resentful. The only way to relieve these feelings is to somehow help, but how?

Here are some useful things the average person can do to become apart of the relief effort and help save the gulf one good soul at a time.

Adopt a Bird

Seabirds have been tragically affected by the oil in the gulf. The International Bird Rescue Research Center has been working in the region since the beginning  of the spill to help birds eat and cleanse themselves of the horrid gook left by BP. They also allow normal people to adopt birds. Prices vary depending on the animal:

Ducklings ($25), egrets and herons ($50) and pelicans ($200). All proceeds go toward raising a bird in need and preparing it for release in the wild. For more info contact The International Bird Rescue Research Center.


There are a few ways to volunteer to help clean up oil in the devastated region of the Gulf. Many might not want to join the BP team but that is one option. To sign up head to their website and follow the volunteer instructions. Another agency who is looking for good help is the Deep Horizion Response.

Anyone 18 and older will be asked to pre-cleaning beaches, handle administrative duties, record keeping of office jobs. Contact their Volunteer Request Line at (866) 448-5816 or visit their website

Read more for other ways you can get involved…