It’s been almost 3 months since we first learned about the oil that is spilling into the Gulf.  A lot of action has been taken and there has been a lot of talk…but what’s really being done about it?  Read More

Via: NEW ORLEANS — The best hope for stopping the flow of oil from the blown-out well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico has been compared to hitting a target the size of a dinner plate more than two miles into the earth, and is anything but a sure bet on the […]

Via: iVillage The Gulf oil spill has officially been categorized as the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history. When catastrophes like this happen right in our own backyard it is very easy to become frustrated, discouraged and resentful. The only way to relieve these feelings is to somehow help, but how? Here are some […]

From MSNBC: VENICE, La. – President Barack Obama toured the staging area for response efforts to the Gulf Coast oil spill on Sunday, afterwards saying “we’re dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster.” Mindful of the political damage suffered by President George W. Bush for a slow response after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the […]