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By Sheilah Belle

Richmond, VA – St. Paul’s Baptist Church Creighton Campus in Richmond, VA kicked off its Thunder on Thursday’s Series with one of the top Billboard reigning singers and sought after pastor’s in the country…Pastor Marvin Sapp.

The crowd started showing up as early as 5p.m., even though the doors would not open until 6p.m.and the service wouldn’t start until 7p.m.

As the choir headed to the choir loft, it was then when a technical problem surfaced alerting the media department that there was no sound.  For many this was the first time, they had ever experienced a technical problem at the church. However this didn’t stop service!  The saints began to pray, a speaker and a mic were hooked up and the service continued to move forward.  Within an hour and while Pastor Lance D. Watson, senior pastor of St. Paul’s addressed the crowd of just over 3,000, there was an applause as the stronger sound returned!

Pastor Marvin Sapp was then introduced and told the crowd, “I am a preacher who sings!”

Pastor Sapp shared his testimony about his life and said, “The last five years have been bitter sweet, when everything around you is slowly going away.”  He talked about the passing of his father, his spiritual father and the woman who he married, who he met in the third grade.

He said it’s situations like that, that will make you trust God.  He said, “When you have real faith you don’t get bitter.”

“For some time I didn’t feel like working or writing.  The letter of resignation to my church was written” he said.  However it was shortly after that he traveled to Atlanta and heard Pastor Jamal Bryant preach.  “He changed my life and I remember weeping.”

Later he spoke with his music producer, Aaron Lindsey about his music career and how he was feeling. In response, Lindsey asked him, “What do you feel?  What do you want to share with the people of God?

As he told his story, it was at this point he began to sing, So Glad I Made It, the lyrics in “My Testimony”, followed by “He Has His Hands On You”,  “The Best In Me” and then “I  Need Thee Every Hour” before praying.

He said, “Throw your weight around Lord and destroy the yokes.” He preached from Act 16:25 and read from no notes, I-Pad or anything else.  He quoted the scriptures from memory as he asked the congregation to read along with him.

His sermon was powerful, and fast paced as he used only words that mattered and ministered.  He said, “The 21st century church wants to be stimulated but not pregnated!

By the time he wrapped up, everyone in the church was standing, praising God and applauding God’s messenger for a powerful word!

It was a blessed evening!  

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