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I’m not trying to say that she did something obvious like stab him and a friend that he knew from a restaurant, but if Gary Coleman’s wife looked like Orenthal James Simpson and Gary himself looked like Nicole Brown, there’s no way in the world that Shannon Price would have been able to get away with an excuse for Coleman’s death by head trauma like “he fell.”

“He fell.”

That’s what inmates say about another inmate that has visible injuries due to fighting.

“He fell.”

That should be known officially as the “Adebisi Explanation”.

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And the fact that the 42 year-old Coleman’s parents are a little suspicious is only fair. The guy was like 4’8” and had been known to have a volatile relationship with his very life-sized 25 year-old wife.

Everybody seems to know that even broke celebrities become worth something after death.

And if the celebrity in question is known for having a short temper, any admittance to a hospital should be red flagged with concern.

Gary Coleman, in life, was an outsized talent whose congenital kidney disease stunted his growth and prevented him from stretching his depth as an actor beyond the adorable Arnold Jackson character that he played on TV’s Diff’rent Strokes.

The Jackson character, whose trademark was a not so subtle rhetorical questioning of his TV older brother Todd Bridges in the form of the expression “Whatchu talkin’ bout, Willis?” became an iconic staple for anyone around or coming of age in the 1980’s.

Now just like Michael Jackson, Arnold Jackson is gone. The question rapidly becomes: was foul play to blame in both instances?

And the fact that Price was so quick to turn off Gary’s life support after his brain hemorrhage was determined isn’t helping her argument—if she even feels the need at this point to have an argument.

Personally, I don’t wanna jump to any conclusions. The only thing we know for a fact is that the man is dead.

But if even his parents can’t decide which excuse between “he fell down the stairs” and “he slipped in the bathtub” that they like the least, it would only be fair to at least begin to wonder if indeed anybody helped poor Gary fall.


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