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Dover, Delaware — Eunice Wright participated in a community-wide event in Seaford, Delaware, the largest town in Sussex County with a population of approximately 7,000, to petition for peace. Wright, along with concerned citizens of the community, rallied together to address the recent spur in crime and illegal activity and create resolutions to return peace back to the streets of this small community.

“Seaford is a rather small town where, years ago, everybody knew everybody,” says Wright. “As times have changed and people have relocated to Delaware, we find that everyone doesn’t have the home-town mentality that the natives usually have. We once knew the people next door, the children that played in our yards, even the cashiers that worked in our corner stores. So much has changed over the course of time and it’s our responsibility to protect our communities and preserve that simplicity signature to life in Sussex County.”

In addition to an active musical career, Eunice has worked with low-income, subsidized and emergency housing for more than a decade. The opportunity to work with this demographic has opened the door for her to be an advocate for change and progression in the lives of those she encounters and be a knowledgeable and experienced conduit of the inspiration, encouragement, and hope she ministers about in song.


Eunice recently released her sophomore project “Worth In All (April 10, 2012),” featuring the hit single “Hello God” that is still making its way to radio waves around the country. Though it is parallel to her debut release “Wait On Me,” in its hard-hitting Gospel message, phenomenal background vocals, and musical composition, “Worth It All” demonstrates an impressive and creative delivery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of free-flowing, yet sincere Christian contemporary selections. “Hello God” is available for download free on the official Eunice Wright website “Worth It All” and her debut project, “Wait On Me,” are also available for purchase on the official website, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. For more information or to bring the worship experience of Eunice Wright to your church, conference, or special event, contact Joyful Noyze Entertainment, visit

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