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Tampa, FL — The spotlight continues to shine on the Sanford, Florida and the case of The Trayvon Martin.  Over the weekend, several national recording Gospel artists stopped by Tampa to show support for Martin’s family, as well as honor a local high school student.

One day after shooter George Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon Martin’s family in court, the teenager’s relatives continue to grieve finding support from people everywhere, including the gospel music community.

A spirited service at the 34th Street Church of God included singing, hand-clapping, and support for Martin’s family.

“Our family is overjoyed they took the time to honor Trayvon,” said relative Carol Lewis of Tampa.

She and her relatives attended a gospel concert headlined by Grammy award winning group The Clark Sisters.

“I think we just never know when it’s going to hit home. That’s why were behind this,” said Gospel Recording Artist Dorinda Clark-Cole.

They’re so much behind it organizes awarded Jocelyn Jones of Wharton High School, a $1,000 scholarship for an essay she wrote

about Florida’s Stand Your Ground law. The law George Zimmerman is claiming as his defense.

“It lets you know that other students have been affected by the tragedy that’s happened,” Lewis said.

The unarmed teen’s death sparked national outrage. It’s what worries Zimmerman’s attorney.

“I think there’s still a lot of emotions wrapped around the case and we’re worried that some of those emotions are

still negative,” said defense attorney Mark O’Mara.

Friday, a judge set a $150,000 bond for Zimmerman and though his attorney is concerned about his safety, he says Zimmerman

wants to be out of jail.

“Now that he knows he can get out sooner, he’s focused on getting out,” O’Mara said.

“We’re not happy about it but were just going to let it go through the justice system. We still have faith that the justice

system is going to work out,” Lewis added.

Their faith is strengthened not just in the music but also in the movement that’s bringing a family closer to closure.

“All of the young people should take heed to what’s happened that it could’ve been them that this has happened to,” Lewis said.

The Clark Sisters, Rance Allen, and Dontavious Boatwright of the show Sunday’s Best performed at the concert. Organizers have awarded college scholarships for years but hope to start a new trend naming it in Trayvon’s honor.

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