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Tyscot recording artist Damita, has had tremendous career as a solo artist, but even after the hit singles and countless fans, she is still humbled by her success: “I never knew, nor would have thought in a million years I would be a solo artist.”

Many would believe that Damita had her sights set on a solo career, but there is so much more to be revealed about this anointed singer.

As a young girl, she enjoyed many days singing with her family members, including her twin sister. On different occasions, Damita’s family would gather to sing along to their favorite Gospel song or an on the spot musical arrangement.  “We were a musical family; both sides of my family are musically inclined. Everyone is a singer, musician or a preacher.”

Damita learned early on how to work well with others and the importance of teamwork. Her early lessons later inspired her to form the all female a cappella group, Adoration-N-Prayze, along with her sister.

While the thought of being a solo artist never ran through Damita’s mind, God was positioning her to become one.  When the door to destiny opened, Damita walked in with confidence and contributed two great projects, DAMITA and No Looking Back to the Gospel Music Industry.

From her early days of singing with family members and Adoration-N-Prayze, it was undeniable that Damita was destined to reach the masses with her massive gift.

Since then, she has evolved into more than just a solo artist, but a songwriter, producer, minister and actress.  Fans of her music will appreciate her journey, as they listen to new music on her upcoming project Anticipation. 

Anticipation is straight from Damita’s heart and includes songs written by Damita including the radio single “Won’t Turn Back”.  Other songs from the project are, “Praise You Now”, “Be Revealed”, “You’re Amazing God”, “Still Here” and the title cut “Anticipation (Waitin 4 u)”.

Anticipation will be released on Tyscot Music & Entertainment on July 24, 2012. 

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