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College is starting soon and it’s time to get organized and prepared for the big move. There will be a long list of items you’ll need to prepare for a first year away from home, but there are always the essentials.

They may seem like no-brainers, but they’re actually very important.

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I am in the midst of getting my niece ready for college.   Living in a dorm is a unique experience that no one can forget. Bad roommates, first time away from home, finding yourself , it’s all a part of it. To make things a little easier on the new college student, we can provide them with the best essentials for their first dorm room.

This is a list of essentials that I discovered are most needed for  students.

1Bedding is one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring personality to a dorm room. Limited space and shared rooms doesn’t necessarily give the occupants as much room to decorate as they would like. Colorful and interesting options are the best. Bed Bath and Beyond has some wonderful ones. They have complete sets. Visit:

2- Mini fridge microwave combos. Some of the schools supply them. Most colleges have cafeterias for the three most important meals of the day, but there’s a lot of time in between those meals. Mini-fridge’s provide easy access instead of having to bundle up on the cold days and walk all the way to the cafeteria for a drink.

3-Bath Towels: A quality set of towels will go a long way. Select a set of 5 or less because storage will be minimal in a dorm room. Target always has nice linens that are inexpensive.

4-Storage: In any form! Storage is going to be minimal in a dorm room, so you’ll have to bring it with you. Through the use of boxes, under the bed bins and laundry baskets (to name a few!).

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