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TBR – Richmond, VA – On Saturday, Cory “CoCo Brother”  Condrey and wife Joann Rosario Condrey continued their crusade for Christ nationwide campaign, when they brought their Stand & Pray rally to United Nations Church International where the host pastors, Bishop Orrin K. Pullings and Pastor Medina Pullings opened their doors to the Richmond community for a powerful night of prayer.


Although the evening was scheduled to start at 7:00p.m.and the doors of the church would open at 6p.m., the line around the church and down the street started to form around 3 o’clock in the afternoon with much anticipation.  


Kicking off the evening was the United Nations Church Praise Team, followed by Sheilah Belle, The Belle who welcomed the congregation and lead them in worship and praise, while encouraging everyone to move on the ministries God has already assigned each and everyone to do.  With God’s anointing continuing to build, the congregations level of anticipation of not knowing what God had in store for the evening only continued to magnify.

Sharing his vision next and the creator of Christube was Adonis Adams.  He said while there may have been a few challenges along the way God carried the cross for it all and continues to bless him. 

Returning to the center stage was The Belle who brought back the Praise Team before introducing the Angels of “the house” United Nations, Bishop Orrin K. Pullings and Pastor Medina Pullings.  They were powerful as they exalted the name of the Lord and encouraged the congregation to let go and let God have his way.


Visionary Cory Condrey and Joann then joined the Pullings on stage and continued with prayer and praises to the heavens.  Corey also mentioned, they will be returning to Richmond with the Stand and Pray rally at the Richmond Convention Center.  The congregation applauded with Joann then taking center stage continuing to lead the congregation in Praise and Worship. 


Pastor Paula White was then introduced and from her first words uttered for the evening, it was clear why God had tapped her to be there for the evening.  She preached, prayed and singled out a few members from the congregation to pray for individually. During most of the time while she spoke, the congregation remained standing, some with their hands raised high and others listening intently.


Following Pastor Paul was Archbishop Duncan Williams and his Prophetic team from Africa who talked about everything from witchcraft to the man being the head of the house.


Bringing a spiritual musical uplifting to the evening was Music Minister Byron Cage, who performed close to midnight.


Bishop and Pastor Pullings closed the evening out with prayer.  This was truly an amazing time and a blessed evening.

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