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Rev.Louis Farrakhan made visits to violence plagued housing projects in Jamaica, Queens, Newark, New Jersey and Brownsville,Brooklyn. His message was that of an alarm sounder.

Clergy members, deacons, church members, young people, old people recited verses from the scriptures as well as the lyrics to popular songs right along with the Muslim leader, and sang the praises of the Nation of Islam for reaching out for those who are under-served and who feel forgotten by government and by social service agencies forced to stretch their meager budgets to near the breaking point.

“They are building prisons, and who are they for? Not for the white man. Nobody cares about you. You are the product of your former slave masters. You are not as bad as you are acting. “You ain’t manufacturing no guns, but you got some.

“Your people are being herded into a life-style — that is going to jail.It’s ashamed that after 310 years of chattel slavery and 150 years of injustice that we are worse in our treatment of each other.”

Later at an event in New Rochelle he continued  his advisory.

“We are in a danger zone. There’s tremendous hatred being built up by the media and others against Brother Barack Obama, and there is a polarization now taking place between those who would vote for Barack Obama, and those who would vote for the other fellow,” said Minister Farrakhan. “Put it like it is,” an audience member shouted as others interrupted his remarks with applause.

“It’s unfortunate that if he wins—and I believe he will—the opposite side is going to be so angry, because somehow they feel that a Black family in the White House, is taking the country away from them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe some are disappointed, but we didn’t elect him to run on a Black Agenda. He is the American president. So we can’t expect him to do for us, what we have to unite and do for ourselves,” Minister Farrakhan said to enthusiastic applause.

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