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The Belle in London, England

With only a few weeks left in the year, people will be traveling, visiting and simply enjoying the holidays, but with the year ending, be sure to also handle your business and get some answers.


I say, finally man up or woman up and ask people questions you’ve been longing to ask them for a while.  The stuff you have been wondering about but too scared to ask. However another question goes right there too.  WHY are you too scared to ask someone a question?  Is it because you already know the answer and asking the question will simply confirm what you know?  OR are you too scared to ask the question, for fear you may scare the other person away or make them uncomfortable.  If that’s the question, then who are you dealing with?


If you have to keep asking questions for clarity, then do so.  However if you KEEP asking questions, but never get a direct answer, common sense should kick in somewhere there.  Either the person you as asking the questions to doesn’t want to answer the question because they are hiding something or they now feel trapped and pinned against the wall and may now bite or snap at you.  Either way, if people in your life don’t volunteer the truth and if you want to know the truth, ASK QUESTIONS. But think about this, Do you want to deal with people or HAVE people in your life who hide the truth and play games?


Either they will respect you enough to answer your question or they will punk you out of not feeling obligated. Stand your ground!  Carry On!

Sheilah Belle, The Belle