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The Bible” begins on Sunday, March 3 and runs through Easter Sunday, March 31.The mini-series will tell the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Roma Downey stars as Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the film.

Burnett, best known for producing reality shows like Survivor, The Voice, and The Apprentice, told the audience at Variety’s Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit in July that the series was really about “faith and love,” and his job was to tell the biblical stories in an “emotionally connected way.” The Christian Post, after a sneak peek of the film, called it at times violent but visually enchanting.

Nancy Dubuc, president of the History Channel, told MovieGuide.comthat a group of theologians and scholars were regularly consulted on the accuracy of the project. ”This is probably the most important book in mankind, regardless of your beliefs or religious affiliation,” Dubuc says. “We spend a lot of time talking about this book, and probably not enough time knowing what’s in it.”

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