Everyone’s talking about the upcoming mega millions lottery in Virginia, but we want to know as Christians, are you too holy to play?

What if you actually have a winning ticket? $26 million dollars are up for grabs! Can you believe it? We’re sure many of you have tons of ideas of what could be done with all of that money, but what’s the first thing that actually comes to mind about coming into a lump sum of millions of dollars for those who claim salvation, holiness and the saved lifestyle?

We want to know seriously, are you too holy to play? What if you win? Are you going to pay your tithes and decide to give your first fruits to the Lord?

How else would you spend it – on your church, on your child’s education, or on your mortgage?

Join the discussion with us below on the message board or call us during the show today to let us know your thoughts.

Have you ever played the lottery before? Were you lucky enough to win anything?


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