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R&B star, actress, producer and multi-Grammy Award winning performer Mary J. Blige, a proud born-again Christian, has revealed that the tragic death of the iconic singer Whitney Houston made her realize it was finally time to face her demon of alcohol addiction.

Blige, now 42, spoke just a few days ago in an exclusive conversation with LA Confidential about how she has battled substance abuse of almost every kind including cocaine and alcohol for most of her 21-year-long career in entertainment.

The famed singer affectionately know as “the Queen of Hip Hop/Soul” says she has decided that she didn’t want to go to rehab, but instead she has other plans of shaking the devil off for good.

“I believe that anything man himself can do for me, God can do for me in a greater way. I decided to pray and to seek God on my own. I just stayed in The Word. And it worked.”

Our question to you today is how have you been kept by the power of God? What has worked for you in your own day to day struggles – whether it be an addiction of any kind of that one thorn in your flesh that keeps you from being the very best you can be?

Let us know by sharing your thoughts with us below on the message board. Read the complete interview via the link below.


Mary J. Blige Turns to God in Her Battle with Alcohol Addiction