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After a standing-ovation performance at the 2nd Annual Gospel Goes to Hollywood Awards Luncheon, in Los Angeles, I caught up with award-winning gospel artist, Ami Rushes, who earlier that week, was working tirelessly in the studio with long-time friend, and award-winning producer Kurt Carr, on her forthcoming CD “Stand Up for Jesus.”

I was able to find out a few things about the anticipated new project, and Ami’s experience this time with Kurt Carr.

Here’s the scoop!

Q. How did you come up with the title of the project?

A. Actually the title presented itself. Kurt said, “What do you think about ‘Stand Up For Jesus’ for the title?” It just felt so right in my spirit that I knew it was the one.

Q. What is it like working with Kurt Carr in the studio? 

A. One of the things that is so wonderful about working with Kurt Carr is that I know he will put is whole heart into my project. He will always bring his genius, and creativity to the table and he will give me his very best. Every time we do a record together I always come out better. He is simply the best!

Q. What made you do original songs this time versus remakes of traditional gospel songs?

A. It was time for something different, something I hadn’t done before. The best part is we used songwriters from all over the country that gave them a platform to expose their gift. We received hundreds of submissions for this record so needless to say picking the right songs was indeed a challenge because there were so many good ones that were sent. Kurt Carr and I poured over each submission to see which songs stood out to us both. We picked a list of seventeen songs and then narrowed it down to ten.  I am so grateful for every songwriter that submitted music to me.  

Q. When can we expect the first single?

A. That’s hard to say because we’re putting finishing touches on the project so that will determine when the single is released but I’m thinking this summer for sure.

Q. What do you want your listeners to take from this project?

A. The take away from this project is the same desire that I have always had on all my music.  I want people to know that God is a healer, that nothing is impossible to the Lord, and I want people to be blessed and inspired and have renewed hope. I pray that someone who doesn’t know the Lord will listen to this new music and hear something or feel something that will cause them to say, “I want what I’m hearing,” and come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This will be Ami’s fifth studio effort, but first with original music.  Get ready to Stand up For Jesus!

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