Radio One Exclusives

Gospel group Gi (God’s Image) recently released the music video to their chart-topping hit “Pray and Don’t Worry.” The amazing video features our own Sheilah “The Belle” Belle.

Most remember Jim and his popular show “Return to Forever” which aired on Sundays.

Patricia let Willie apply her makeup, or as the kids are calling it these days, “beat her face.”

So why did a young man entrenched in the money, fame, and women of a secular R&B music career decide to leave it all behind to serve God?

“Most people think it is happily ever after because that is what you see in the books, but when you go into a relationship with that particular attitude it will never work.”

“The situation that our world is facing right now, we need something that is going to be impactful and I am so proud of the CD because I know that people are going to find Jesus through this record.”

“Honestly, it’s in your DNA... You can always tell a fake or a fraud.”

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Clair Huxtable moments!