Tonight the news broke of the death of  singing sensation Teena Marie. Unfortunately, her daughter was the one to discover her unresponsive.

I’m sure by now many of us would have thought about or even have decided on a resolution to achieve something in 2011. This article is meant to give an insight into making a faith filled New Year.

Via: // The beginning of spring usually encourages us all to clean our homes. We purchase our cleaning supplies. We make our laundry list. We get started. You may clean out your winter clothes in your closet. We  are  five days  from Easter and  it’s the perfect time to think about cleaning out your […]

Via: // Our primary calling is not to serve people or meet their demands but to be available to God: to know him and worship him. So we must say ‘no’ to some things so that our ‘yeses’ will have meaning. A young man talked to his pastor about his conflicts between work and […]

Via: // Although they are more likely to describe themselves as more liberal the Hip Hop and Millennial generation believe almost as strongly if not more in the basic tenets of morality. A recent study conducted by the Marist College for Public Opinion in January before the Haitian Earthquake discovered the following interesting things. […]

Via: // This Morning Tiger Woods took to a press conference in which he admitted that not only was he wrong but that he “was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated. What I did was not acceptable.” This admission out loud harkens back to the early days when people would publicly atone for their […]

Valentine’s day is more than just giving flowers, jewelry and candy to someone.