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Going back to school can be a really exciting time for children – new teachers, different learning environment, and everything has a fresh feeling to…

School is back in session for many. For others, it is just days away. Here is a list of supplies that should ease your pain.…

Via: Many families are preparing for the upcoming school year and looking for new ways to save time and cut expenses.  Some families have already gotten back into their school routine but are ironing out new schedules and activities this year.  Authors Evelyn Sacks and Robyn Spizman released their book, “Eat, Nap, Play” (HCI […]

With federal financial belts tightening, state budgets bursting, and local governments left with less and less, it’s no surprise that education and children are last in line. As a staunch advocate for children, the daughter of a 45-year-careered teacher and a mom who wants her children to have everything, I am ever vigilant and a […]

I don’t quote Ronald Reagan often, but the annual sight of parents taking new freshmen to college always reminds me of one of his sayings. Negotiating arms-control agreements with the Soviet Union, Reagan said that his principle was, “Trust — but verify”: We wouldn’t sign a treaty with the Soviets if there weren’t a basic […]

Via: O’Bon is giving parents, students and teachers an easy way to go green during the back to school season. This eco-friendly school and office supply online store has been making creating office and school supplies that protect the environment before it became the IT thing to do. They started off with their signature […]

The state of Virginia is offering help to households this weekend with no state taxes on certain items.  Perfect timing as parents get children ready to go  back to school.  Read More

Before you know it, it’ll be time for students to go back to school.  Most parents have a lot to do, to prepare.  Here are 10 tips from a teacher.  Click Here

It seems like only yesterday kids were running out of school to begin summer break. Now, our thoughts are turning towards preparing them for the new school year. Already, stores are trying to entice parents with their back to school offers on anything from clothing to stationary. The following tips will allow kids and parents […]

Beginning preschool is exciting for some children and for others, it is an anxiety-filled and stressful event that they have no desire to do whatsoever. One of the biggest differences between the excited child and the one that fears this day is how prepared he or she feels about the event prior to its arrival. […]

In addition to studying and working hard in school, being organized is just as important in order to be successful. Not only is it a good trait to learn now, it will be a valuable asset in adulthood as well, when entering the workforce. With hectic schedules, changing classes and needing different materials for each […]