In GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF is struck by the recent video of a doctor getting dragged off a flight.

There are way too many subliminal and overt racist messages to unpack here.

There will be a radar survey held of King Tut's tomb to determine whether the scholar is correct.

Also, the director of the FBI is still deciding on whether to classify the Emanuel shooting as terrorism and China's stock prices reaped their biggest gains in six years.

Also, a new study finds that 80 percent of girls in the juvenile system have experience abuse and Microsoft cuts almost 8,000 jobs.

With Thursday’s surprise tentative agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Obama appears to be on track to build a diplomatic legacy to match pledges…

Via: // WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama personally welcomed the Dalai Lama to the White House Thursday and lauded his goals for the Tibetan people, but he kept their get-together off-camera and low-key in an attempt to avoid inflaming tensions with China. At the risk of angering Beijing, Obama did tell the exiled spiritual […]