Community Service

“Hearing each of their stories brought tears to my eyes because I care about the well being of others."

GMC (formerly known as the Gospel Music Channel) is becoming more and more known for its featured presentation of top gospel stage plays and new original family programming so this month, it’s no surprise that the network is ready to premiere its next big special production. Coming February 16th, GMC presents the world premiere of […]

When your husband dies, it’s one of the most traumatic experiences to go through.  However, for people in places such as Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, and Afghanistan, traditions make mourning even more difficult.  Rather than receiving support, these women are treated less like people and more like property.  They are forced to partake in activities such […]

Courtesy of It’s time to step back and think about those people who are struggling just to get by. From the flooding in Nashville to the oil spill along the Gulf Coast states, 2010 has been a year full of heartache. These people should know they are not alone in their fight to get […]

Via: // Research shows that community service can improve health and decrease stress. The New York Times conducted a study where Cami Walker, a woman with multiple sclerosis, did a good deed a day for 29 days. This of course did not cure her, but gave her a newfound ability to cope with her […]