Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is good for a surprise music drop, which is what he did last night.

The Grammy Awards, and pretty much any other “mainstream” (read white dominated) music awards show, tends to give black artists ghettoized accolades--“urban” “R&B” and “hip-hop” awards but never the “pop” awards – “Video of the Year” “Song of the Year,” “Album of the Year,” etc.

The hype is over! The 2013 Grammy Awards came and went and brought with it plenty of memorable/”giffable” moments. From Frank Ocean snagging “Best Urban…

First there was the undeniably stunning gospel take on R&B crooner Usher’s hit “Climax” that proved to be a pleasant surprise for Deitrick Haddon fans, but this week the Detroit-born singer/songwriter and actor is stirring up the pot one more time on a rendition of the Hip Hop single “No Church in the Wild” by […]