In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about having a strong mind.

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell challenges the listener to be positive all day long. Though difficult, she is, it is immensely rewarding. She talks about the transformation that comes with constantly practicing positivity. She gives some tips on how to get started in small ways. For instance, when someone gives you a […]

Mind your mind because the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. That enemy didn’t create you so don’t allow him/she or it to undo…

This is a great day to be alive, in spite of, all we have and will go through today. Life is how we speak it.…

Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, has been tapped to host a new talk show scheduled to debut in the fall on BET as part of the network’s move toward more faith-based programming. Describing “T.D. Jakes Presents: Mind, Body & Soul” as “better talk,” BET Networks promises that the show, airing on […]

In Sanskrit, “yoga” means “to unite.” For centuries, this practice has been used to unite the mind, body and spirit. Take a deep breath, find your center and learn how to be in better harmony with the present moment. What other ways do you believe you can find peace? Share your thoughts with us below […]

Are you feeling sluggish in the mornings? Do you dread hearing the alarm clock going off? Here are some tried-and-true instant energy boosters that will lift and restore your mind from