Miss Robbie and Tim Norman talk about season 4 of "Welcome To Sweetie Pies on The Buzz Live."

Miss Robbie Montgomery is the owner of the Sweetie Pie’s chain, which is based in St. Louis. She’s also the subject of OWN’s “Welcome To Sweetie Pies,” which makes its return to the TV channel for a new season this week. She reveals what has been the hardest thing about building this successful empire. She […]

If you’ve been keeping up with the OWN TV reality series that has stolen the hearts of the entire country, you’ll be glad to hear that a brand new episode of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” is back on this weekend. After moving into the new house without Tim, Jenae decides she needs a girls’ night […]

As Miss Robbie gets focused on consolidating restaurants and prepares to receive a community award from the UniverSoul Circus, Tim does his best to keep the Mangrove location open, and inadvertently blows Jenae off for what may be the last time. Tune in this Saturday, November 10th at 9/8c for an all-new episode of Sweetie […]

“Welcome to Sweetie Pies” on OWN TV is one of our favorite shows and it is already in full swing this season. This week, as Jenae prepares for baby TJ’s 1st birthday party, Robbie threatens to send her other grandson Andre back to Texas. Meanwhile, Tim’s responsibilities at Mangrove may prevent him from getting to […]

Just in case you missed the latest episode of the OWN Network’s hit series “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” here’s a glimpse of what happened if you’ve been watching. There’s always something going on at the famed St. Louis eatery. A stressed out Tim reaches his boiling point when Charles and Andre refuse to stop goofing […]