Oprah sits down with Piers Morgan of CNN to discuss her life as a troubled child. She talks about being pregnant at 14 years old and overcoming suicidal thoughts. You can watch the entire interview tonight on CNN.

Oprah Winfrey’s new cable network OWN is having some early growing pains. After exploding out of the gate in the ratings, viewership has declined significantly. While OWN’s premiere averaged 1 million primetime viewers last weekend, Sunday dropped to 822,000. Monday fell to 394,000, followed by Tuesday hitting 315,000. After a heavy curiosity-driven tune-in, such a […]

Chicago — One of the world’s most powerful media figures is launching a risky new project this week — OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. When the basic cable channel debuts on Jan. 1, its success or failure may rely on the talk show host’s core audience following her to cable. Now, to be clear, that […]

In case you missed it, Oprah sat down with Barbara Walters for an in-depth interview that aired on ABC on Thursday night. After 25 years, Oprah who will be 57 in January, will be ending her appointment with 6.5 million viewers a day. Her program, shown in a 145 countries, is the most widely-viewed and […]

Someone finally had the balls to ask the question that’s on everyone’s mind when it comes to Oprah and her sexuality. In the upcoming Barbara Walters special, Oprah Winfrey sits down with the legendary interviewer for a candid discussion and is asked if she’s a lesbian. Here’s what Oprah had to say: “I’m not a […]

Oprah’s annual – and final – “Favorite Things” episode aired live in her hometown of Chicago today, Friday, November 18. The talk show host made audience members jump to their feet and scream when she announced the gifts she’d be giving away this year. And how did she select the lucky winners? Oprah said they […]

Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson finally opened up to Oprah about reports of “whippings” he served up to prevent his nine kids from “going bad.” Joe Jackson has often denied his most famous son’s allegations of beatings and whippings and he attempted to avoid the subject completely when Oprah Winfrey asked him to be honest […]

Oprah and her best friend Gayle have officially confronted the lesbian relationship rumors that have followed them for years. Well, sort of. Oprah released a video of her recent camping trip to Yosemite National Park where Gayle, of course, joined her. Before heading into their camper to go to bed, Gayle joked “Let’s just add […]

The Oprah Winfrey Network isn’t scheduled to make it’s debut until January, but the upcoming all-Oprah channel just unveiled its new logo. Is it a hit or a miss? Tell us what you think. Oprah Receives Minerva Award At National Women’s Conference [PHOTOS] Oprah Winfrey To Star In New Movie With Sandra Bullock Author Says […]

Oprah Winfrey will star in a new movie alongside Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep, her first role since 1999’s “Beloved.” The still-untitled project comes from Michael Patrick King who wrote and directed both “Sex and the City” films after he exec-produced the HBO series. A spokesman for Universal Studios said that the comedy will, “revolve […]

Remember the challenges at the school Oprah  opened in Africa?  Well, here is an update.  Read More


  By Debbie Ford Original Content To reveal the gifts that lie beneath the surface of your heart’s greatest desires, you can now invoke the next agent of change called purpose. If you look to your past or even your present to see why you are here or what your purpose is, you may get […]