President Obama has condemned  Nigerian and Egyptian attacks on New Year’s Day.

I hope you enjoyed the Dr. Mercola interview. He provides so much hard-hitting and some say controversial information.  The next individual I am featuring is equally controversial,Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has claimed to cure Aids, Diabetes and Cancer. He is known as a Doctor to the stars in the African American Community, he has been […]


“INSPIRED CONNECTIONS”WHAT: Starting June 22nd through August 27th, make some “Inspired Connections” with some the most dynamic women in ministry as they discuss intriguing storylines from the TNT hit drama series HawthoRNe, staring Jada Pinkett Smith. Inspired Connections is a social media campaign, returning to with the second season of Hawthorne. The campaign features […]

Via: // Again I found myself reading the comments posted on one of my blogs when this little gem, posted by QueenOfDaJungle83, jumped out at me: “if god was racist there would be nothing but white. blacks, spanish, chinese and any other race that is non white would not exist.” I remember thinking uh […]

Via: // MONTREAT, N.C. – President Barack Obama made a pilgrimage Sunday to Billy Graham’s mountainside home, concluding his North Carolina vacation with his first meeting with the ailing evangelist who has counseled commanders in chief since Dwight Eisenhower. The 48-year-old president made the short drive to Montreat from Asheville, where he spent the weekend, to […]

Via: // WASHINGTON (RNS) Researchers say they’ve found the most religious place on Earth–between the southern border of the Sahara Desert and the tip of South Africa.Religion is “very important” to more than three-quarters of the population in 17 of 19 sub-Saharan nations, according to a new survey. In contrast, in the United States, […]

Via: // From Every morning, sometimes as early as 5:30 a.m., a short religious passage comes across President Obama’s BlackBerry, sent by one of his aides. At other moments, Obama prays privately, his advisers said. And when he takes his family to Camp David on the weekends, a Navy chaplain ministers to them, […]