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As investigators continue to splice together details related to the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, a dash cam video of her July 10 arrest in Waller County, Texas has been released.

In the clip, it is apparent that tension between Bland and the arresting officer occurred from the onset and escalated to her forceful arrest.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released the nearly hour-long clip Tuesday evening, shedding new light on what happened in the moments before the bystander video showed officers standing over Bland as she was on the ground handcuffed and face down.

The arresting officer, Brian Encinia, approached Bland’s car after pulling her over about 2:30 seconds into the video. The routine traffic stop went as expected for the most part, but there was a shift in tone at the 8:40 mark when Encinia came back to Bland’s vehicle. It appears that after the trooper asks about Bland’s state of being, he appeared to have some issue with her answer, noting that she seemed “irritated.”

After Encinia asks if Bland would put out her cigarette, she refuses and the officer orders her out the car. Encinia opens the door and demands Bland’s exit then reaches in to pull her out. She complies once Encinia threatens Bland by saying “I will light you up,” presumably with a Taser device.

Bland is seen exiting the vehicle, repeatedly asking what she’s being arrested for. Encinia fails to explain why he decided to arrest Bland, and there’s some manner of struggle.

Much of what occurs happens offscreen, and Bland can be heard shouting obscenities at Encinia and an assisting officer around the 13:00 mark. Bland cries out that the officers are hurting her wrists. Around the 16:07 mark, Encinia tells the Black female officer that Bland kicked her and was resisting arrest. At one point Bland tell the officer that she is hurt after he slams her head into the ground. When she tells him she has epilepsy, he replies “good.”

The rest of the video shows officers looking through Bland’s vehicle before a tow truck takes it away for impounding.

This video doesn’t explain what occurred in the Waller County jail on July 13, but it does reveal that Encinia lost control of the arrest and resorted to force to quell the situation. Whether or not Bland struck Encinia hasn’t been determined, but the officer can be heard telling the assisting officer that Bland kicked him.

In Officer Encinia’s arrest report, neither the Taser or the cigarette were mentioned. Encinia did claim Bland swung her elbows at him thus leading to the arrest.

Bland’s death is being investigated as a murder, which is customary for all deaths that take place in Texas jails. Federal authorities and the Texas Rangers have joined the investigation, and a request as been made with the Justice Department to look into the matter as well.

The video is certain to garner a reaction from supporters of Bland, who all allege that foul play is at the center of the 28-year-old Illinois resident’s death.

Watch the video of Sandra Bland’s arrest in Texas in the clip above.

SOURCE: Texas Department of Public Safety | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube


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