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I, Community Clo, has accepted the It’s Your Time- 90-Day Challenge by eliminating any and everything that bloat, stresses or causes weight gain. Thanks to my years of spiritual fasting it was not too hard to let go of the breads, chips, sweets, beef, chicken, and pork. No, I am not a vegan. I just don’t need those types of meat for energy. However, fish is my favorite dish.

According to my Fitness Coach Kecia L. Allen who went from a size 40-inch waistline to a 27-inch waistline in two years, says if you mess up with the breads and any white foods just eat a toss salad or spinach behind it to get the digestion going.

Today, I will snack on celery sticks, steamed asparagus, almonds, almond yogurt, and cashews.

My big lunch will be courtesy of MaMusu’s featuring spicy greens, catfish, and red beans and brown.

My small dinner will be courtesy of the Southern Kitchen featuring the best in the world Apple Pecan Salad.

Also, throw in 15-20 minutes of jumping jacks, a run, a brisk walk and some ab work.

Let’s do this! Lose weight and never find it again……Clovia “Community Clo” Lawrence


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