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Over the past few years, stories about African Americans being killed at the hands of police officers have become all too common. A new report released by Campaign Zero, an organization that strives to end police violence within our country, has revealed that 59 out of 60 of America’s largest cities have disproportionately killed Blacks. The study, titled 2015 Year-End Police Violence Report, was conducted as part of the organization’s Mapping Police Violence Project. The data was collected from January 1st through December 15th of this year. An estimated 1,152 people were murdered by the police and a quarter of those deaths were caused by police departments in the nation’s 60 largest cities. The cities that had the highest rate of killings by the police included Bakersfield, Oklahoma City, Oakland, Indianapolis Metropolitan, Long Beach, New Orleans, St. Louis Metropolitan and San Francisco. St. Louis’ rate was seven times higher than Philadelphia. “Rather than being determined by crime rates, police violence reflects a lack of accountability in the culture, policies, and practices of the institutions of policing, as investigations into some of the most violent police departments in America have shown,” read the report. Read more.

Actress Tasha Smith Has Her Marriage Annulled

Tasha Smith is known for bringing the drama in the roles that she plays on television and in films, now it seems life is imitating art for the actress. Smith recently had her marriage annulled after a judge declared that her husband was “a fraud,” or misrepresented himself. Her now ex-husband, Rory Douglas, was living a double life. He told Smith that he was a preacher and very spiritual, but he failed to reveal that he was married 5 times before, lied about the number of kids he had, never shared that he was involved in criminal activity and had nearly a decade’s worth of back taxes. “She in no way would have jumped within a few months at the chance to be bride number six,” said the judge. Read more.

Stacy Dash Files Report against Twitter Hacker

Stacy Dash, actress-turned-Fox news correspondent, took a trip to the police station this week to file a report about being harassed and stalked on Twitter. According to Dash, the user would sign in to her account, post photos and delete them. She believes the user is hacking into her Twitter account in a “vulgar attempt to garner followers.” She also shared that she’s doing “what any woman should do if she’s being harassed by a man in her life.” The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating. Read more.

Ludacris Visits Children’s Hospital in Atlanta

The holiday season is a time where many celebrities use their platforms to give back to the less fortunate. Illinois-bred rapper and actor Ludacris took it upon himself to spread some holiday cheer in Atlanta. He stopped by the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta with gifts in tow and spent time with the children and their loved ones. He took to Instagram to post a few photos of his experience. “Tis the season. #givingback #childrenshospital #merryludacrismas @ludacrisfdtn,” read the caption for a photo collage of him, a few patients and the stuffed animals that he bought. “To all the parents my heart & prayers are with you,” read another photo caption. “To all the children I admire your strength and perseverance. Love from the @ludacrisfdtn #childrenshospital #merryludacrismas.” Read more.


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