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Sometimes the easiest way to start a conversation about health is by starting with the man or the woman in the mirror.  To keep it even more real, start with the man in the mirror standing in his or her birthday suit and take a good look!

If you are fortunate enough to like everything you see with the need to modify nothing, then consider yourself a good steward over your temple.  However If you are like me and realize, modification needs to be at the top of the list, then keep reading!

Depending on where you are in life and how much intentional time you are giving God, will determine how much you will get out of this short message.

When we are pushing to make a difference in the kingdom of God, satan will always be hot on our trails, sometimes in a noticeable way and sometimes, just standing by waiting on time.

I finally came to the realization that the latter applies to me and probably a lot of other people, who are not really paying attention. I say that because I realized that I am dealing with a silent killer which is too much weight, on my temple.

Over time the weight will eventually take over, slow you down, mess up your knees, your back and cause additional health problems.

However when we go to the doctors office, while we are addressing issues, how often does your doctor have the conversation with you about what it will take to get off of some of the medication you are on?!  More importantly how often do you ask your doctor, what will it take for you to get off of some of your medications.

Keep in mind, our bodies were not designed to be medicated for life, so while there are some medicines that some of us need to help us get through life, there are some medicines we are taking because of the foods we eat. From salty, fried, sugary, starchy foods that only put pounds of weight on us.

While this process may be slow, and our addiction to unhealthy food continues to grow with little to no help, coming from the sources that should be trying to keep you healthy rather than becoming addicted to medication.

Over time, the weight will start slowing you down, holding you back and keeping you away from the desires God has for your life!  The weight can affect your internal as well as your external, ultimately affecting your ministry.  Thus, there is satan, just sitting back watching Gods children get stuck on unhealthy foods, which will keep us away from the people who may need your ministry!

So, here’s some food for thought!  If you are on medication, the next time you visit your doctor ASK how can you get OFF of some of those medications. Watch and listen for a direct response.  Seek answers and work towards that goal. Our bodies were not designed to be on medication for the rest of your life.  Start with your High Blood pressure medication! Work to be healthier! Work to make the load lighter and start feeling better today!

From the heart!~~

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