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Imagine a young Christian couple, newly married, with only a slim chance of ever having children, the wife battling a disease known to sterilize 99 percent of the women who had it. Imagine the couple refusing to undergo treatment and instead trusting God in faith to bring complete healing in His time.


Fast forward 32 years and imagine that couple with five children. Imagine their children joining them on stages across the nation, playing instruments and singing songs of praise to a powerful God. Imagine that their debut single has been added at radio stations across the country, and is gaining greater airplay by the week. And imagine a chart-topping debut at Billboard, and an album experiencing significant sales since that time several months ago.
You’ve imagined gospel’s newest family band – Forever Jones.

Hailing from Shreveport, La., Forever Jones has been described by some as a gospel version of the Partridge Family – with each family member playing a vital role in the music created on stage. Father Dewitt is on keys and vocals, while mom Kim handles lead vocals and percussion. Oldest daughter D’Jeniele’ sings and plays acoustic guitar, while oldest son Dewitt IV plays the bass.  Dominique, the couple’s middle daughter, sings and accompanies the family on keys or guitar (depending on the song), while the couple’s youngest son, Judah, guides the family’s rhythm section on the drums.
Not to be left out, the family’s youngest member, 10-year-old Mya Joy Grace, lends her musical chops with growing confidence in front of a microphone, harmonizing and being just as vocal as the rest. “She doesn’t get any breaks,” Kim assures lovingly. “She’s learning to sing out more and she’s really enjoying it.”
But the growing musical success of Dewitt & Kim Jones and their five children did not happen overnight. Twenty years ago, Dewitt responded to what he calls “a special invitation from God” to spend time with Him at 9 a.m. every morning. From that commitment came a time of devotion in which the entire family began to take part, which continues to serve as the foundation upon which the family’s ministry is formed.