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Kim Kardashian stepped out debuting what I’m sure white media will soon call, “a new hairstyle.” The reality TV star was spotted in Los Angeles with Kanye West wearing a cream sweater dress and her hair slicked back in a doobie style with a low bun.

A doobie wrap functions to allow our hair to remain fleeky after a blow out, protect our hair from harsh weather conditions (aka rain) when we need to run to the bodega quickly, and so that we can go to sleep at night and wake up, flawless.

A doobie wrap is not for Kim Kardashian.

2013 American Music Awards - Press Room

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

While Rihanna shocked the world and wore this look to the 2013 American Music Awards show, lately, it’s been popping up more frequently on celebs like Draya Michele and Lala.

Regardless, all three of these women come from cultures where a doobie is worn for functionality. Because of this, the creative freedom to turn functionality into a style is valid.

The intersectionality of ownership of culture gets becomes opaque when Black culture is only used for benefit and not to improve the deficits. Kim Kardashian wants to wear “boxer braids” and doobie wraps? Then she should also try consistency with the Black cause, especially since you have Black children (even though their extreme privilege, because of who they are, will most likely shield them from most of the negative experiences associated with Blackness). Tweeting once about Sandra Bland, doesn’t give you a green light to co-opt the culture.

Want to wear a doobie wrap? Fine. Educate your almost 96M+ audience on the origins of your hair vs. coyly typing, “details,” when you have done everything but.


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