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Source: Courtesy of Tony Tran Photography / Courtesy of Tony Tran Photography

As we continue to watch Cardi B and Offset relationship unfold publicly, just where do you draw the line, when it comes to someone cheating on you?

It is now a know fact that Offset, the husband to mega star Cardi, cheated on his wife, and admitted it to the world and it’s not the first time, BUT now he wants her back.  He has apologized publicly and has even had some of his friends including T.I. to forgive her husband.  He’s been begging on all of his social media sites and most recently interrupted her concert in the middle of her set in L.A over the weekend, with cakes and flowers to take him back.  Through shared video you can see Candi telling him to stop it.

Many of their fans, want to see them get back together, others are hoping Cardi continues to hold her ground on her cheating husband and give him another chance.

However is cheating once….worth the time, pain and energy to get a divorce…or do you allow someone to cheat on you multiple times and wait for the approval of the public to finally say, enough is enough?

Join the conversation, but this is real life unfolding and they are probably not the only ones dealing with a situation like this.