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PRESCOTT, Ariz., July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — California may be nervous with earthquakes, but the ‘Big One” isn’t due till 2023, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy, and the recently published book, Not Left Behind. He offers the following explanations of a 7-year ending like the 7 years of famine in Genesis 41, or the 7 days of Jericho’s fall that typifies Babylon.

The end-times are called “the day of the Lord” and begin with an earthquake when God shakes the earth, Isaiah 2:12,21. Ruhling cites the apostle Paul: “the day of the Lord comes as a thief…when they say ‘peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes.” 1Thess 5:2,3.

Peace and safety have been a focus since the Iran Nuclear Treaty in 2015, which was a sabbatical year according to Ruhling.

Since the 7th day of Creation week is memorialized by the 4th Commandment in Exodus 20, one can see the provision of Sabbath for man’s benefit of rest and associations of family and others on the 7th day, says Ruhling.

He says God’s signature of sevens in Revelations are behind impending events and they include 50 jubilees. Jubilee came as the 50th year after 7 sevens.

The 50 jubilees began with the best-known time prophecy pointing to the Messiah. It was a set of 70 sevens in Daniel 9:24,25. They spanned 490 years (10 jubilees) and began when Artaxerxes gave Israel freedom to return to their land–that was a jubilee event.

The prophet Isaiah said God declares the end from the beginning. In the book of beginnings, Pharaoh had two dreams interpreted to mean 7 good years followed by 7 years of famine, Genesis 41.

Because the imagery is doubled with cows and corn, some scholars say, the double imagery supports a historical and an end-time application, says Ruhling.

“Since ‘God is not slack’ in the context of end-times (2Peter 3:7-10) we look for the seven good years after 2015 to precede the bad years,” says Ruhling. “Like him or not, since President Trump was elected, the economy has been better, but I expect the bad years after the next sabbatical year of 2022.”

He says a “heads-up” sign will be the surrounding of Jerusalem for “the day of the Lord” as seen in Zech 14.

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