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FOOD FOR THOUGHT! We get up, get dressed and push to be at work on time. We give our best, we push for promotions, opportunities and make sure we give our bosses and supervisors respect. We try to be understanding and be kind to our colleagues.  Sometimes we even joke and play and might even give each other a hug!

YET, when we come home and see family members, often they get our leftovers and are treated based on the outcome of our time at work and we expect them to take it.

You don’t take your frustrations out on people at work, and if you do, there are often consequences, however, instead we wait until we get home and give attitude, and usually without explanation.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to you, BUT if it does, can we try to be a little bit kinder and more loving to our family members and STOP Taking them for granted!

In luv!