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Can you rel8 to this?

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.  Bottom line…it works!  It is literally the key to maintaining a life spiritually fit.  Greater than any other area of fitness, prayer lends the most long term results, bar none.  It is a time when individuals who believe, exercise their spiritual muscles to communicate with the God of the universe.

People make prayer much deeper than it is.  All you’re doing during your prayer time is dialoging and exercising your spiritual muscles of belief.  Since salvation is about a relationship, prayer is nothing more than communication between you and your “friend” Jesus.  He DID say that there is no greater love than to, “Lay down His life for a friend.”  So…to me that would indicate that He is my friend.  And in order to nurture any friendship, there must be dialogue.  This would mean there is more to it than just you talking but actual listening, hearing and speaking.  That is often difficult as many people simply go to God with requests and leave without hearing what He would have to say in response.  Yup!  It takes effort, just like any other form of workout but the more you commune, the better you become and the stronger the relationship.

Much of what I have come to know and understand as truth comes from my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I make no apologies for it neither do I condemn those who have yet to embrace the same.  I am simply a conduit and living proof of the peace and joy that prayer brings into your life. Even when I felt weak, I was able to cry out to God through Jesus, just enough to get my requests heard.  And the best part is, He heard me.  Just a simple, “Help” rendered His loving hand.  No matter how long or how short that dialogue session, God heard me and answered.  When I am in need of help with my finances, mental health, physical well being, relief from stress or anything else, I am confident that my prayers will garner the response from God that will give me the answers that I’m looking for.