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There are simple ways to provide temporary relief and release from negative emotions and experiences. You must not pass judgment on yourself for having angry or sad feelings, but you must commit to taking this process to a deeper level to heal your emotional state.

These some examples of quick fixes to negative emotions:

  • When you feel angry, you must take several deep breaths, give up your constant need to be right, and forgive yourself.
  • When you feel confused, identify what it is that you really want. Admit what you desire.
  • When you feel disappointing, examine your intent and admit your true intent.
  • When you feel doubtful, breathe and suspend all judgments.
  • When you feel frightened, breathe deeply and examine your expectations, everything that you expect as an outcome.
  • When you feel guilty, admit what you have done to yourself, and admit what you have done to others.

  • When you feel lonely, hug yourself! Go to a quiet open field and lie on the ground. Remember those who love you and the times you felt loved.
  • When you feel unappreciated, examine your expectations of others. Forgive yourself for judging others. Do something nice for a stranger. Write yourself a love letter.

For further guidance and wisdom, read One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant.

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