James Cleveland talked about it in the song; nighttime can be a rough time.  I don’t know what it is about darkness, but it seems that all the thoughts of the day come in for a visit.  It’s good to know that there are words you can grab on to as reminders, but also, those folks that a good mother in the church taught me about.  You never know where your encouragement is going to come from.  I like what a friend shared with me, he said, “we serve an 11:59 God!”  I didn’t get it right away, but then it hit me, just in the nick of time, with only seconds to spare, He WILL show up!

It is clear that our testimonies are not necessarily for us, but someone that is standing in the need of that message of hope, which is evidence of how powerful we can be in each other’s lives.  Don’t miss your opportunity to sow where you are planted.

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