Erica Campbell and GRIFF talk about their contribution to black history.

Without a doubt the 2016 Rio Olympics was a historic event for African-Americans. Over 28 million people on average witnessed the overload of #BlackGirlMagic daily and if that wasn’t enough, tens of millions streamed the games online, getting an even bigger dose of what black athletes were made of. Check out the individual accomplishments of the black […]

1688 First formal protest against slavery by organized white body in English America made by Germantown (Pa.) Quakers at monthly meeting. The historic “Germantown Protest” denounced slavery and the slave trade. 2006 Shani Davis ~ (speed skater) becomes the first Black to be awarded with an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics 1931 Toni […]

1942 Huey Newton ~ (founder of the Black Panther Party) born 1963 Michael Jeffrey Jordan ~ (basketball legend) is born in Brooklyn, New York 1982 Thelonious Monk ~ Thelonious Monk, one of the founders of the bebop style and one of only five jazz musicians to appear on the cover of Time magazine, dies of a […]

Dionne T. “Bobo” Bobo, founder of LIVING with Sickle Cell RVA stopped by the Radio One Richmond studios to speak with Community Clovia about the importance of giving blood.

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Fresh off the news that it is now the highest-grossing Academy Award-nominated film this year (with $127.5 million and counting,) Hidden Figures continues to inspire little girls everywhere with its incredible true story that is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic. Since the film has been such a hit and resonated with so many, especially those in […]

Most African-American men have to shave. And when they do, they might have Tristan Walker to thank. The financial trader turned entrepreneur is the founder of Bevel, which hopes to solve the irritation and razor bump problem that plagues many African-American shavers. Walker, 32, a Queens, N.Y. native, founded Walker and Company, one of the […]

1977 Clifford Alexander Jr ~ becomes the first Black Secretary of the Army 1915 Josh White ~ (folk and blues singer) is born in Greenville, South Carolina 1990 Nelson Mandela ~ (South African president and politcal activist) released from prison after 27 years 1979 Actress and singer Brandy is born Brandy Rayana Norwood in McComb, […]

FREDERICKSBURG, VA – On the road for eight days — part of a national tour for my new book, Shackles From The Deep – and I’m talking to hundreds of grade-school students about the African slave trade, underwater exploration and a 17th century slave ship known as the Henrietta Marie. It’s Black History Month and […]

1944 Alice Walker ~ (author of The Color Purple) born 1943 Barbara Lewis ~ (singer and songwriter) is born in South Lyon, Michigan 1995 Bernard Harris ~ becomes the first Black astronaut to take a spacewalk, dedicating it to the achievements of all African Americans 1971 Leroy “Satchel” Paige ~ elected to the Baseball Hall […]