When asked if Cosby will take a plea deal, Pressley said, "No, my client's not guilty."

According to reports, the Los Angeles Police Department has given the results of a 2008 sexual assault investigation that involved Bill Cosby to the Los…

The Christian Post is reporting that Nashville pastor Bishop Joseph Walker III of Mount Zion Baptist Church is being accused of sexual assault along with five other church leaders who took part in these alleged occurrences. As more information is released on the incident, so far sexual misconduct is the least of the accusations according […]

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has waived his preliminary hearing, a decision that moves him toward a trial on charges of child sex abuse.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT INSIDE – VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — For the first time in almost a half-century, someone other than Joe Paterno is calling the shots at Penn State.

Fox 5 Atlanta has discovered that there was a fifth accuser in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case. Centino Kemp never filed a lawsuit and his name was never made public during the case, but apparently Kemp was involved in the recent settlement negotiations with Long and the other accusers. According to Fox 5 […]

Bishop Paul Morton has decided to make a public plea to Eddie Long. He wants him to make an act of contrition or  public repentance so that the healing can begin. Bishop T.D. Jakes Says We Should Pray For Eddie Long On Sunday, during his Father’s Day sermon he addressed Bishop Long’s lack of humility […]

ATLANTA-Bishop Eddie Long addressed his followers at New Birth Missionary Church on Easter and gave a “cryptic” message to the four young men who claimed they had sexual relationships with him according to WSBTV. Throughout his sermons he appeared to have a cryptic message for his accusers. “You ain’t messin’ with me. I shall rise […]

VIA: WSBTV.com On Monday, Bishop Eddie Long’s attorney’s filed his responses to complaints of sexual misconduct by the young men who claimed to be spiritual…