The historic Bradshaw Cemetery in Houston, Texas was bulldozed without its owners consent and now the family is searching for answers. Bradshaw, a cemetery dating back to…

The cast of “Roots” talks about their ground breaking mini-series that debuted in 1977 and reveal what it was and also is like being considered part of such an iconic film. The film, which drew 130 million viewers, continues to set records and remains a huge part of Black History on the small screen. During […]

Meet 8-year-old Vivienne Harr of Fairfax, Calif. who set up a lemonade stand after seeing a gallery of photographs depicting modern day slavery. She told…

RICHMOND-The city of Richmond, Virginia has started a database at the Virginia Historical Society of records including letters, bonds, wills and court letter. The database will include a search engine that links the slave name to the location that its found. New African-American Civil War Museum Opens Doors In D.C. Southern Swamp Holds Clues About […]


Via: // RICHMOND, Va. — Under pressure from critics, Gov. Bob McDonnell on Wednesday called it a “major omission” not noting slavery in declaring April Confederate History Month in Virginia. As part of his mea culpa, McDonnell inserted into the proclamation a paragraph condemning slavery and blaming it as the cause of the Civil […]