(From left to right: James Johnson, Reggie B, Johnny Branch, The Belle and Troy Sneed) Richmond, VA — Emtro Gospel Recording artist Troy Sneed appears to be setting up a second home in Richmond, VA.  His most recently released CD was produced by Baltimore native and now Richmond based Minister of Music of Cedar Street […]

Jacksonville, FL — There’s a party going on at Stellar Award winning recording artist Troy Sneed’s crib. Al “The Bishop” Hobbs will host an online listening party to promote Sneed’s new CD “All is Well” this Monday, August 6th @ 8:00 p.m. EST on www.althebishophobbs.com and days before coming to Richmond, VA for a CD and […]

Jacksonville, FL — Gospel music lovers are waiting with eager-ears for Stellar Award winner Troy Sneed’s highly-anticipated seventh solo CD, “All Is Well” (Emtro Gospel), to hit stores on August 7th. Throughout the winter and spring months, the Emtro label has been teasing fans of Sneed’s radio smash “All is Well” by not making the […]

Jacksonville, FL — Stellar Award winning recording artist Troy Sneed has enjoyed an amazing hit-making streak over the last decade with Top Ten gospel hits such as “My Heart Says Yes”, “Work it Out”, “The Struggle is Over” and “Hallelujah.” Now, after only a week in circulation, his new radio single “Lay It Down” has debuted at #29 on next week’s […]

Richmond, VA — Troy Sneed has just pushed out another single, “Lay It All Down” from his new release All Is Well. Already getting spins, the song is getting attention because of some of his new background singers from Richmond, VA, including Deleyse Rowe, Mariah Hargrove, Jessica Fox, JoJo Clark and Patrick Newby,  from St. […]

Jacksonville, FL — Troy Sneed “All Is Well” Continues to Move Up the Billboard Hot Singles Charts, Moving Up to #14 This week.  Also making a Special Guest Appearance is Gospel Sensation James Fortune.  Look for Sneed’s new CD to hit store shelves on August 7th. Be sure to catch Troy Sneed singing “All Is […]

Troy Sneed’s Emtro Gospel label is starting to move in a new direction as it has partnered with #1 African-American romance novelist, Brenda Jackson, on the new movie, “Truly Everlasting.” During an exclusive interview with The Belle, Sneed says, I thought about taking my company and exploring options in the movie industry years ago, while on the set […]