The sentencing of Dr. Conrad Murray to four years in prison by no means ends the injustice suffered by Michael Jackson nor does it in any way mitigate the fact that his children have lost a father and the Jacksons have lost a son for the rest of their life. While I approve that the […]

Dr. Conrad Murray was still null and void of any emotional response to the latest in the Michael Jackson death trial which as finally come to an end today. The physician who’s been linked to the King of Pop’s tragic and equally untimely death was given the maximum sentence of four years behind bars in […]

The case that everyone’s been watching is finally underway once again as Dr. Conrad Murray – the physician charged with involuntary manslaughter in association with the death of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson – is sentenced this afternoon. Watch the live stream of the sentencing below and be sure to check back in […]

Conrad Murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson will be sentenced Tuesday in Los Angeles. See also: Dr. Conrad Murray Wants A New Test On Evidence Vial Murray, found guilty of administering a fatal dose of the drug propofol to Jackson in 2009, faces up to four years in state […]

Take a look at your Radio One Richmond family’s honest responses to the results of today’s long awaited verdict in the Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson death trial. Live during the worldwide announcement and just moments after the new broke out, our cameras were right there on deck to hear from some your favorite folks […]

THE VERDICT IS IN & DR. CONRAD MURRAY HAS BEEN FOUND… GUILTY After months of speculation and a tragedy that struck us all to the core, the verdict is in. Dr. Conrad Murray has been found guilty in association with the untimely death of our beloved King of Pop Michael Jackson. Was justice served in […]